Friday, March 28, 2008

New Stuff

So, I LOST my camera, and now it is found! This picture is blurry, but it is some of the new work I am working on for the Gallery Spring Floral Show.

I have been updating the gallery website as well, so check out our new artist from New Orleans, Suzanne Broussard. She is a native of the Cresent City and is still working away with her art in the French Quarter. She is actually working at a gallery that carries some of Terrance's peices. The world really is small.
Speaking of... the most wonderful thing happened this week at the gallery. A couple from Ohio, were visiting NOLA and saw work that I carry here as well. INSTEAD of buying it in NOLA, they waited until they came back to OHIO to get it from me!! What a huge compliment! Just to know that someone was referencing our little gallery while in NOLA, is just amazing to me. Like I said, small world.

Did you see Terrance Osborne's clip on YouTube? It's only 2 minutes, and totally worthy of checking out.

That's all for now..
hugs, jen

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Jafagirls said...

The flowers are lovely and I can't wait to see the show :)

Enjoyed the Video and how cool that visitors came to your gallery to buy from YOU.