Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pleasant Peacock

Some things you expect to see in Yellow Springs, dogs,,, a lot of dogs. Dogs outside the local coffee houses, the grocery, walking through town with their owners, hey even in my gallery you will find my dog or ones that have been invited in so their owners can browse the art. Of course conversation always turns to the dog. Emmy the Cat from Bonadies Glass Studio is a frequent guest on the Tavern Patio and in the Yard. Deer, birds, squirrels, even a chipmunk or two. Now, this is the first time I have seen a Peacock on the side of the road coming into the Springs. He was so calm, crossing the road, checking things out, cars slowed to let him get across safely. I had to turn around to come back and take his picture. Of course when he saw me get out of the car he took off into the lawn that surrounds the nursery, where he no doubt came from.
I am always amazed, maybe it's because I spend so much time in the car on the way to YS that I am in a completely different state of mind. Trying to be appreciative, grateful, soulful. So, when I see this Pleasant boy enjoying his day, he makes me smile and I wanted to share that.

This is what I started working on, among other new works at the gallery today...
I will start posting more here, and I have started an ETSY site as well, nothing up yet, but I will keep you posted.

She is a sweet little princess, still some work to do,,, but enjoying what she is becoming...
Speaking of Sweet little Princesses, JAFA Girls are hard at work around YS making Totems out of Telephone Poles.. If you are in town, you MUST check them out. Of course, they are covering the Pole outside the gallery, so if you pop in to me, you can see it too! They are recycling, using the knitting from the Knit Knot Tree that they took down over the weekend.

Two of the JAFA Girls working hard!
Nancy (l), and Corrine (r)

Corrine & Nancy, they really do sooooooo much and have so much creative energy! They truely are making art come alive in Yellow Springs!

I took this picture with my cell phone, they have given me an assignment! Can you believe they are making me work??!!! I have to Crotchet, b/c I don't knit a yellow piece for the top... They are so silly, guess I better get to work!

heARTfully, jen , aka, JafaJen!


JafaBrit's Art said...

heavens I look like a large princess,eek I MUST lose 10 more lbs.

oh yes, sorry this isn't about me, lol! yes get cracking on that crochet woman :)

Fancy seeing a peacock wandering around Yellow Springs, hum why am I not surprised.

Dee said...

hey jen, a peacock...wow!!! I thought this only happened in India!! thanks for your comts on my blog's video post. I am painting a beautiful one for my sis and then one for mom! After that listing for the shop starts...so I have lots on my plate right now!!! Loving it....love your blog. Cheers! Dee.