Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yellow Springs Video

Original Music, Richard Salsgiver

Video compliments of Richard Salsgiver

Here it is, NOLAA Gallery in Yellow Springs! Big thank you to our friends, Richard "Salty" & Pam Salsgiver for coming to visit us at our home for a few days and for visiting my gallery in Yellow Springs.

Salty put the video together and I didn't even know he was doing it. Some great shots of Yellow Springs, but, Above ALL, his music is just perfect for the little Village.



Dee said...

Hey Jen,
Good to hear from you. Yes, absolutely correct, it is ''Je suis une artiste'' (féminin) or ''Je suis un artiste'' (masculin)!!! (I think, I hope, heheh)
I am depressed, frustrated and angry. I wish things were simpler. Anyway, will have to live with these I guess. Am trying to get back at my canvas and that gives me some relief.
Hey your gallery looks beautiful You must share it on youtube. Do you have a youtube channel? Lemme know will subscribe! Best. Dee.

Dee said...

I read your comment and went and painted , am feeling a lot better now and Erica has uploaded a new video as part of the 'i paint you, you paint me' project! I am all smiles now. I could not reply earlier coz dear hubby was playing chess games all evening (almost)! Thanks! Will share the painting tom. Ciao. Dee

JafaBrit's Art said...

oh Great video :)