Friday, August 1, 2008

overdue thank you's and found art

Mystele painted this lovely girlie and won this ebay auction.. she has a fabulous site full of whimsical folk art, gospel singing, and a glimpses into her world! thank you mystele!

I won this sweet bag from Connie at Dirty Footprints! I really never win anything and was smiling all day! Now, I want you to know that I take this pretty bag with me and I DO use it for shopping and errands, and I have gotten TONS of compliments on it too!

Thank you Connie!

We had the opportunity to take a little trip for a couple days to Salt Fork State Park, I did a couple peices of Found Art ( in true Jafa Girl Style ) and "hid" them around the lodge for someone lucky enough to find!

The lake we Hiked down to at the Resort, which wasn't bad, but it was UPHILL on the return, ohhhh,,, it was tough!

More found art in the lodge...

Peaches for my husband, I found this scrap wood at the resort and prettied it up for joe.

ok, so this is part of the view from our room,, and all I had to do was take a few steps to it.. in reality this is where I spent most of my time. i actually napped out there most of the first day. My mind has been so busy lately... lots of decisions to make. i didn't realize how exhausted I was or am.

( sigh ) still tired too!


Connie said...

I'm so glad you enjoy your bag! That is so awesome! Plus, your home must be so much fun to be at---you have such a great collection of art!

Peace & Love

jennifer said...

miss connie, I do love it! and am sooo happy! jafabrit, aka, corrine, saw it yesterday at the gallery and took a picture, I think she is going to put it on her blog!

JafaBrit's Art said...

no wonder you had a gorgeous tan and what a jafa LOL! leaving bits of art around the place, you rock!

Yes I am going to put the pic on my next blog entry. The bag is LOVELY connie.

Dee said...

Love Mystele's painting. I wish I entered the contest, what a pretty bag that is. :)