Monday, January 19, 2009

I always like how music and art feed each other. How what I listen to plays into what I am painting or what I may paint. So many times I will write the song that I was listening to on the back of a painting and tell the story about it to who purchases it at the gallery and the funny thing is, they can usually relate and are captured by that. The experience and soul of the painting makes it so much more personal for them. Let's face it, no one really wakes up in the morning and says, TODAY, I will buy art! At least not the tourists that come to Yellow Springs to see the hippies.
I am just lucky and grateful when someone stumbles on the gallery and takes the time to share in the journey of this artist.
So, back to the music! We are lucky enough to have such great friends who gave us BlueGrass concert tickets for christmas, and we all went last saturday! Great times, music and friends!
Susan, Joe, Greg, Me, oh yeah, 5th Row!

Tim O'Brien and Dan Timinsky ( you may know his voice, he did the voice over for George Clooney in O Brother Where Art Thou) .

Here is the Result of that Evening and Prompts by Misty Mawn for Journaling!

Using Fabric, buttons, beads, and Acrylic,,, this is inspired by Where's Love Come From?
It reads part of the song around the boarder... Where's love come from? Where's love Go? What feeds love, What makes it grow? Love can not live on it's own.
upclose, that heart opens up and it says HOME on the inside. That's where I BELIEVE love comes from.
Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Day!


JafaBrit's Art said...

Jen, that is really lovely :)

nolaa gallery said...

I am really making an effort to put more into journaling and art for ME instead of sales all the time.
Thank you so much, because I ALWAYS LOVE your journals, your work is very soulful and uninhibited.

JafaBrit's Art said...

it is a trap that can prove soul crushing, but one that cannot be avoided when trying to support a gallery or lease space. Trying to find that balance is hard sometimes.

nolaa gallery said...

That is my goal for this year, BALANCE!