Saturday, January 31, 2009

inspiration painting

This outside my Studio window becomes....


painted paper from an old book, that I was using just to tape off spaces on a painted background, became part of the painting. A little bird with the flowers. There are red berries on the tree those birds are sitting in. The picture doesn't show it that well. The backround is red and then I painted over it with shapes and just let it speak to where it wanted to go.
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Connie said...

Your work is so juicy...I think that's why I like it so much!!

Peace & Love.

Michelle Brunner said...

Love this! So spring-like and colorful!

Belinda said...

Hi I love the colour and whimsy look to your art, its very pretty. Belinda

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Very spring-like.

Prica said...

i love your happy, spontaneous and free!
keep it up!!

Dithi said...

Merci pour ton souhaite d'anniversaire my chèrie. J'ai écoutée ton interview avec Connie sur Blogtalk radio! C'etait tellement magnifique de t'entendre. Bisous mon amie. d.

Leticia said...

What a coincidence - a little earlier, when I went out to check for the mail, I saw almost the same scene in our garden- a bunch of little finches sitting in a red berried bush/tree and thought about what a nice photo that would make. Beautiful, happy painting!

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie!

Miss you!
Hope all is well!

We're SERIOUSLY considering going to Jazz Fest April 30-May 3.

Can you call or email us to discuss it?

Thanks :-)


Lisa and Doug

Traveling Painter said...

Thank you for the kind words! And I come here and find this! Lovely bold work, and the birds outside your window are so sweet, it made me smile :-)

Anonymous said...