Monday, July 13, 2009

joe suprised me with a new camera and now I don't have to take pics with my cell phone anymore! YEAH!
DO you notice how things are not what they appear to be most of the time?

how is this puff ball that's floating in the pool looks so elegant in it's shadow? like a flower, but at first glance it's just a puff of white? it just made me think how quick I can be to judge and pass over things with just a glance and quick judgement, instead of taking the time to look deeper and see something more. not getting too philosophical,, but , it did make me wonder.
geninne does a fabulous stamp carving tutorial, and I took the time to carve a bit today for some backgrounds.
I was able to get these yummy erasers at the Dollar Tree, the one where EVERYTHING is $1.oo! I love that place! 3 to a pack, 1 buck, can't beat that!


Not sure what's going to happen here, but I do have Art on the Lawn I am getting ready for in Yellow Springs. AUGUST 8th, for all you central Ohioans... come for some great art, music and food! I Believe Village Artisans has over 80 Artisans now.. and FYI, if you are interested in showing your artwork here, there is still time! Email me if you are interested!

have a wonderful evening, it's gorgeous here today!

xoxo, jen


JafaBrit's Art said...

wow, those stamps are really cool.
by the way your artwork looks fabu in the Little Art Theatre, really cheer up the lobby.

I like the pic of the pool :)

SoCalWendie said...

Hey there girlie, how goes things in my home away from home?

dee said...

Hi Jen!

Very nice design on the stamp, love it! All the very best for your show!