Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yellow Springs Artist Studio Tour this weekend!

I will be at Village Artisans Friday night and Sunday!

Come visit, play, and enjoy time with some Amazing Artists, see them work, and Catch some Great Sales on Original Artwork!


SoCalWendie said...

Your painting makes me think "Your Home is where you are Happy" Your houses are always so happy looking I wish I could live in one. I can just see my water colored self peering out one of your windows or watering the lawn with all your water colors running together from the hose water...

nolaa gallery said...

you are so sweeeeet! how lovely! I do love my home! I am grateful that is where my dogs, hubby, and cats are,,, haa haa! IN THAT ORDER! now, if joe starts wagging his tail when I come in and bringing presents like the dogs do, he might move to the front of the line! ;)-

karend said...

Hey, we have a painting just like that hanging in our dining room and we LOVE IT...becasue it's the home Jen picked for us. Missy and Karen

nolaa gallery said...

where have you ladies been!? I have been thinking about you and wondering what in the world you are up too!!!
Please email or CALL me! I would love to see you all!
I will be at village artisans tomorrow ( sunday ) if you are around.
I LOVE this painting, and you know I think of you everytime I look at the images I have of it.
ps,,, how's that headboard coming? LOL!
xoxo, jen