Monday, January 25, 2010

cards by Deborah Mori

Loads of Lovely Love Happening...

I am a lucky girl!

1. Carmen and Julie teamed up to Give Away one of Julie's Classes, and I WON,,, loving that!
2. Another give away at Deborah's part of the art world, and I recieved 2 of her new cards from her latest line
3. The New Orleans Saints WON!!!!

Life is JUST GOOD Y'ALL! There is a big ol' world out there full of abundance and kindness and love. AND Guess what? There really is enough of the good stuff to go around.

Speaking of Love, there is a lovely class this Saturday with me in Powell,,, we have been having a BLAST!
Let me know if you are interested, bc our space is ( sadly ) limited. But a few spots are left.

Love to everyone and thank you again for your generosity. I really can't say it enough.

" I always did depend on the kindness of strangers." ~ Scarlett, Gone with the Wind

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