Monday, September 27, 2010

waaaannnnna see what free found art looks like? hmmm, if you were in Yellow Springs last month for Third Friday you might have walked by this purple bench and seen this little blue painting... You could have taken it home and hung it on your wall. Someone did, but, you would be amazed at how many people walked by this without seeing it.

Don't worry, weather permitting, Free Found Art is available by the JAFA Girls, every Third Friday in Yellow Springs. Generally you will find the art between 5 -9. So look up, look down, look straight ahead, look in trees. It's generally part of the landscape. It always has something on the back indicating it's Jafa Girl or Free.

More Found Art, Jen's work.

Fun bench, not to be taken home, in front of Village Artisans, Painted by the Lovely Jafa Girl, Nancy Mellon.

Village Artisans was painted and we got a new sign! Sign is by Leah, who shows her work in Village Artisans too. If you haven't seen her horse paintings,you are missing out! So dreamy...

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