Thursday, July 14, 2011

This is the whirlwind I have been living in the last month.... Buckle up!

East Lansing, MI

The Art Festivals have been wonderful this season. So much inspiration in new places. A lot of work, don't get me wrong, there have been tears and deadlines and traveling and the joys of meeting some wonderful new artists, clients, and making friends along the way. These are some recent set ups since May. Still a lot more shows coming up. I will be back in the Cleveland area this weekend at the Willoughby Art Festival, then Columbus, then off to Syracuse NY the end of the month.

Shaker Heights, Ohio

Yellow Springs, Ohio

LaGrange, KY

Easton, Columbus, Ohio

Claudia Carreon, Copper, Brass & Silver Design. Beautiful Claudia is a friend of mine and we do a lot of shows together. We even get to travel together to Syracuse this month. Girl road trip! Yeah!

Shellyey Vail, Acrylic Paintings

LOVE her big bright paintings!! I do have one in my studio now. Total Love. And Shelley is just as kind, sweet, bright, and fun as her paintings. This was at Easton in Columbus, but, she lives in the Cleveland area, so check her out.

Teresa Morbitzer, designer and owner of Vintage Vamp jewelry. Her amazing work is designed using vintage pieces and I have to say, I love every peice of hers I have. I love spending time with her in her amazing studio. It's above and old carriage house in German Village where she holds open houses a couple times a year. You have to check out her website and make sure to find where she is.

I have admired Jurate (Yura) Phillips vibrant paintings for a couple years now and had the pleasure of meeting her this season. She will be showing at Art on the Lawn in Yellow Springs this August, and I think I will indulge in some of her work this year. You can feel good energy coming from her and her work!

Husseim Saidi, I just love this boy. Look at that smile. It's as infectious as his work. I have seen him at big shows in the past, been drawn to his work and met him in East Lansing this year. Joe and I had dinner with him and his friend and we laughed the entire night. Check out his website because he hails from the East Coast and travels everywhere!

Susan Kline is the most amazing, down to earth, talented artist! Her work just makes me smile and so does she! Bright & Fun & Soulful. There is love in everything she does. Have you ever had someone that you admire tell you they like your work?! Really? Me? LOL! Her work inspires and reminds me to be happy. Life is too short to take seriously. Thank goodness I met her this year. I have called upon her during my crazy creative moments and she is right there with kindness, laughter and reassurance. I think this woman is an angel. She does quite a few shows and a lot of traveling too. Make sure you say HI if you see her.

Paul Tepper a new friend from the shows! He lives in the Columbus area and will be doing more shows. What I like about Paul ( and the other artists ) is how approachable and fun he is. We were beside each other at Easton this year and I could hear him laugh all day.

Now I am off to get my hands in the paint. Here I go again.

See you soon at the shows!




Jurate Phillips said...

Loved your article...little snapshots about other artists...and thank you for kind compliments about my art :)Thanks Jenn!

SoCalWendie said...

That was a very sweet and informative post :) So glad good things are in your life and more to come your way.

nolaa gallery said...

@ juarte, you are so welcome! I can't wait to see you soon in Yellow Springs. Everyone loved your work when the application came in. YEAH!

@ WEndie, aren't those artists amazing???? xoxo