Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just a peek into the crowds the first Friday I as at the 3 Rivers Art Festival in Pittsburgh this past week.  It was an amazing 7 days of great people, vendors, laughter, food, dancing, art, music, seeing old friends and making new ones...

After recouping I will be back at it in the studio.  So many people ask if I sell on line at festivals.  Here are a few reasons I don't keep an on line shop going.

1.  I am a one woman show. Which means I get to do everything myself.  I purchase supplies.  I produce art, book shows, do the accounting, make travel arrangements, work on getting images of my work for the juries to judge, set up at shows, work the shows, and tear down, order all marketing materials,, and anything else you can think of!  Most of this I do on my own and don't get me wrong, I love, or I wouldn't do it.  I am also lucky enough to have a great intern who does help out, but, she is also a student so, her time with me is also limited.

2.  I really believe that if something captures your heart at a show, you will take it home with you and that is what makes the art shows and festivals special.  There are a lot of layers to my work and it's a part of me, so speaking directly with me and developing a relationship is part of my work. 

3.  There really is a lot of image stealing that goes on in the virtual world.  I can't control that, but, I don't want to contribute to it either.  I have a hard enough time at shows with people just whipping out their phones and taking pictures.  Just for the record, that is not acceptable.  If someone kindly asks because they are truly interested in purchase something, I am ok with that.. but, to come into my rented space, and zoom in on a painting and start snapping pictures is really stealing what I have done.   I know there is a lot of controversy about this, but, I have had a lot of this happen lately.

4.  TIME.  With all the above to do, I just don't have the time to take images of everything, download, crop, upload, write descriptions and post. 

Ok, #3 kinda turned into something else...

So, this is why I tell everyone to follow the Gallery Girl FB page... I can easily snap a picture in my studio and send it straight to FB where you have the opportunity to purchase it right away.  Just contact me.

Gallery Girl FB page

Love, Peace and Everything Else,,,

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