Monday, February 25, 2008

blue winter

I have been complaining about the cold, the grey, the snow, the ice. I really don't like it. Give me a cozy white christmas, but then I am ready for the sun. Anyone who knows me can tell you I complain for a couple months until the sun shines. I even replace the light bulbs in the house with the natural light bulbs!

the woods we took a walk in across the street

So tonight, I am done complaining. I walked my 2 babies, Malibu & Legend out in the snow tonight. Not really into it, I knew it was cold, I knew it was wet. But I was suprised, I wish I could describe how beautiful it was. The snow was blue from the moonlight. We were able to walk across fresh snow into some of the wooded areas across from our house, areas that are usually overgrown in the summer with brush, bushes, thorns, probably poisen ivy,,, etc. We spotted deer tracks, rabbit tracks... I so enjoyed watching my pups sniff and tap into their ancient canine sense of smell, following the tracks.
They are getting older, have a bit of arthritis we are dealing with, and like their mom, have a bit of cabin fever. I think we all enjoyed the blue glowing snow tonight.
So, as the forcast calls for another 4-6 inches tonight, I won't complain. I am going to do my best to enjoy what's left and what unexpected suprises await.

Malibu, Legend & Grandma