Friday, July 4, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

So this is how last weekend started, very busy from Friday night on. Had dinner Friday night in Yellow Springs with friends to Say Good Bye and Good Luck to Traci, she is leaving us to go to Chicago Art Institute in Chicago! But it's only 6 hours away,,, lots of visiting can be done! Sunday Joe and I went to the Community Festival in Columbus, aka, ComFest, where I met the FAbuLouS miss Peyton and she allowed me to take pictures of her body art! The best thing,,,I saw so many women tell her how beautiful she was and that was truly the beautiful part.
Then Joe and I came upon an artist we have met in the past, Kojo Kamau, who had a booth at the festival., He has some stunning early pictures of Columbus and he graciously signed a book for us. Turns out, he also knows another artist friend of ours, Ken Leslie. The world really is small.


JafaBrit's Art said...

lol! what was I doing in that pic :) GREAT slide show.

Dee said...

Hey Jen, sounds like loads of fun and interesting work at the festival, esp the body art!!!

Connie said...

Jenn--you are so pretty--you look like you should be living in LA or San Diego! Total Califonia blonde!

Peace & Love.