Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dailey Salyer

Happy Birthday Dailey!

dailey's first New Orlans home 12 years ago

This is my sister's best friend. For almost 13 years they were together. Today is his birthday and we celebrate with a lit candle for him and a toast!

How do you say he it? He had to be put down two weeks ago. Almost made it to 13 years, went through Hurricane Katrina, he is a survivor. Kept his mommy company when her family was so far away. They knew each other so well. Such friends, such companions. We were blessed to have him. Such a big part of our family.

She is still hurting, we all are. please keep her in your prayers.

We still love you "D", HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Michael, Scott, Heather & Dailey celebrating D's birthday in the French Quarter two years ago... Can you tell we are all about our animals? He had a Martini glass with Ice Water!


dee said...

Jen I know its so difficult and unbearable when this happens....one just needs to remember the wonderful moments and cherish them. Such a sweet baby and shares my name too....love and hugs..dee.

jennifer said...

Thanks Dee, I thought about you sharing the same name.
We are so blessed to have had such wonderful animals, babies! Mine are almost 12, the 2 I got in college... both seem to be in great health, a bit of arthritis, esp in the winter.
The problem when you open yourself up to love fully is loss.
But, we get through it with Great friends like you!!!!

JafaBrit's Art said...

what can one say, it hurts and the loss will be felt keenly for a while :( Sounds like he was such a special dog and was MUCH loved.
sending a hug
love corrine