Friday, November 7, 2008

Free Flowing

This was so freakin' fun to do! It went home with a lovely couple from West Virgina, for their daughter. They had requsted the colors and flowers from a different, smaller work I had done. This was much larger, 24 x 30, and thank you to miss corrine, aka, jafabrit, for covering the gallery so I could get run to get a larger canvas!
I am so grateful to know you as an artist and to call you friend!

I used palette knife for much of the flowers and it was still wet when they put it in the car! They didn't mind though!

If you were around NOLAA gallery in Yellow Springs last weekend, you might have found some fun hidden and FREE Art around town. In the spirit of Day of the Dead and Halloween, art was waiting to be found.
I know a couple college students from Wright State were happy happy happy when they found a painted record!
How great for a poor college student to find something cool and free!
I remember those days!

I know a couple Wright State Students were Happy Happy Happy to find a couple pieces of free art! I remember those days of being poor, so I am thrilled that they found something cool to take back to their apartments.
This one was there Friday night to Saturday afternoon,,, Hidden in Plain Site!


JafaBrit's Art said...

Jen, the painting is wonderful, and hey no probs I was happy to help out because it was definitely worth it. Your blog entry is fun, and the found art in the nutcracker is a hoot.

Heather said...

wow, that painting is lovely, such movement! Love the color too-- nice to meet you!~

Christine Klinger said...

I like this flower painting - full of movement and depth! Hope you're doing well - looks like you are!