Thursday, December 11, 2008

Etsy Update

Sneak peek at a new painting that is finished, this was a week ago! Done on wood.
Meditation Morning, just about ready to hit the Etsy shop, she is 12x12 on Birchwood.. I like this one a lot, and since I find myself staring at it, meditation is what I thought! hmmm,,,, for a yoga room maybe?

Tumbled Marble Coasters, Printed with French Script and the old world Fluer de Lis

Yeah! I am in the middle of UpDating, finally UPDATING my Etsy Shop! And Guess What???
NO SHIPPING in the United States through December 21st!
Do I hear an AMEN!

So, take a peek! There is more to come, yes, finished paintings that will hit Etsy in the next couple days! As user friendly as that site is, it takes awhile to get them posted, at least for me...


JafaBrit's Art said...

Your etsy shop looks wonderful :)

Dee said...

wow Jen! The shop now looks colourful and cheery! The french script looks great!

nolaa gallery said...

Thank you Miss Dee and JafaBrit!
I am trying to get a handle on the tech side of art life!