Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Street Fair & Give Away!


Michelle and Dan Hosta ( newlyweds ) see how they just smile!! It's the love!

Jen Martin and Me!

view from the booth


lou ann, dave and little grace

Dave Greer and the Jazz Stompers

miss molly, ( an excellent TA! )

the Ottmans

a little rain

the lovely susan and me

a little Peace Tweet!

Street Fair was another wonderful day and I am so Grateful to everyone who came out, to new friends, and those who helped out during the day. I truly could not do it all by myself and quite honestly, I don't want to! I love being able to see so many friends all day long! Dave Greer and the Jazz Stompers set up again, and I love the Music they bring!
To be able to enjoy the energy of it all is such a blessing!

To keep the Summer rolling on this good wave of energy, I will do a random drawing for one of my new pendants!

Just leave a comment here on the blog, or facebook, or send me an email between now and Monday, June 21st!

Good Luck and have a Great Weekend! I am on my way to NOLA to unwind and spend time with family for a long weekend!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez.... !


Linda said...

So sorry to have missed you at the Fair in YS! You always have the best booth and I love your stuff...bought about 4 pieces from you at last year's street fair (we had to go to the Little Art Theater to get them :). They love my house and my house loves them. Hope to see you and your whimsical art soon!

Deborah said...

Jen - I loved my first Street Fair; only wish I would have gotten their earlier. I am looking forward to hanging out again soon! I'm also excited for my new painting from you :). The new pendants are really fun - love them!

nolaa gallery said...

Linda, I completely remember having to get the key so we could get your paintings! No worries, the summer festivals in Yellow Springs have just begun! Hopefully we will catch up soon!

Deborah! I so HAPPY that you enjoyed the day! Please visit again soon!!! I will be in Yellow Springs on the 26th ( sat ) gallery sitting at Village Artisans, come out if you get a chance!

Katharine said...

Hi Jen
I am so sorry I missed the street fair this year! I bought the outhouse picture that was in the Are you going to be in the Columbus area anytime soon? Can't wait to see your new things!

Katharine said...

I just saw my finish my thought process...I bought the outhouse picture that was in the chamber pot gallery. I love it.
Hugs again! :)

knocking at forties door said...

Jen, it was so good to see you at street fair and I am glad to have been of service in helping during the monsoon:). The offer for a day of painting is still up and all you need is your favorite paint brushes and a bottle of your favorite wine. i have tons of acrylics and canvas too. Call me when you can play and I would love to be put in for the drawing for the lovely pendant!
Jen Martin:)

nolaa gallery said...

Katherine, I am in Columbus quite a bit, You can catch me at North Market the first sunday of every month, for Artisans Market noon-5, also, I will be at North Market for their Ohio Wine Event Sunday June 11th as well! Please stop by! I love that Outhouse Painting!!!! I am so pleased you are happy with it!

Jen, You are a doll, and definately, I would LOVE TO get together this summer. I will get in touch with you when I get back from NOLA!

Thanks for leaving comments ladies! I have you both entered for the pendant drawing!


Paula J. Lambert said...

It was great seeing you at the street fair, Jen! We had a great day--so glad you did well!

And the pendant looks great! :)

Paula Lambert

Havasnak said...

This looks like soooo much fun! We'll definitely have to try to make it next year.

Love the pendant, too! :)

See you at the reunion???

-Angie Osborne